Nov 30, 2011

X-PLAN (promotion valid until 31/12/2011)


Untuk memberi lebih peluang kepada semua melabur emas dan perak dengan mudah, kini Public Gold menerima pembelian emas dari pengeluar2 lain (sehingga 31 Disember 2011 sahaja).

Kepada yang berminat untuk menyertai kami di Public Gold, ambillah kesempatan ini, untuk menjual emas2 lama yang anda & tukarkannya kepada produk-produk Public Gold yang harganya lebih menarik di pasaran.


X-Plan: x-brand exchange

Promotion period : 15th November 2011 until 31st December 2011

X-Plan Objective : To encourage more precious metals investors to join Public Gold fair price trading platform.

Description :

 A Gold exchange plan whereby gold bars from other brands (x brands) to Public Gold products that includes gold bars and coins, silver bars, Dinars, 22k i-series jewelleries, and 22k d-series jewelleries.

 Solid gold jewelleries with purity of 916 (22k) and above are accepted.

 The value of exchange x-brand product(s) are based on the live price shown on Public Gold website.

999.9 (24k) Gold
bullion & Jewelleries
916 (22k) Gold
bullion & Jewelleries

Reference price
Public Gold 10gm price
i-Series (22k) 10gm jewellery pricing

 The selling price of Public Gold products chosen by exchangers would be refer to the price on the same time the buying price of the x–brand price are agreed.

 The final buying-back price for the trading would be referred to the gold purity shown on the Density Test machine located at Public Gold branches.

 X-brand gold owners may join as Public Gold Dealer through this plan by exchanging a total gold value of :
RM20, 000.00 or RM100, 000.00

Terms & conditions:
1. X–plan is open for trading at all Public Gold branches nationwide.

2. This plan is open for the general public and all Public Gold customers, dealers and master dealers.

3. Trading(s) MUST be conducted on the spot at Public Gold branches, whereby no price locking would be applicable.

4. Trading process would only go through AFTER gold test are conducted and price are agreed by exchangers.

5. X-brand gold that failed to go through the Density Test at Public Gold branches would not be accepted for e x change.

6. This plan is only valid during the above mentioned promotion period

7. This plan is NOT valid for purchases made through Easy Payment Purchases (EPP).

8. Each account holders are allowed to exchange a maximum of 1kg gold per day.

9. Transportation fee applies at Public Gold branches outside Penang Island.

Public Gold’s management holds the right to make the final decision if in case any dispute or disagreement occurs


Jik berminat, boleh hubungi saya untuk temujanji di Public Gold Kuala Terengganu.

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