Apr 9, 2011


--- email dari APMEX --- Market Update: Silver Cruises Past $40! Dear Fardila, Silver sailed past the $40 marker recently, fueled by its affordability and its historic protection against inflation and monetary devaluation. Geopolitical fears have intensified on news from the Middle East and Africa and the potential impact on oil prices (now climbing above $110 per barrel) and the domino effect on inflation. Meanwhile, the European debt crisis remains a hot topic as Portugal is seeking a bailout amid unpopular austerity measures which may have an impact on the solidarity of the Euro. Recent aftershocks in Japan have severely impacted Japanese industrial output including major automotive and technological manufacturers like Sony. More than ever, people are searching for a way to protect their money from economic uncertainty, instability and volatility. We are currently offering the following investment products at attractive premiums. If you are seeking to protect your holdings and diversify your portfolio, you will want to take advantage of these great products


Mungkinkah sejarah kenaikan herga silver sehingga USD 50 akan berulang? Atau mungkin lebih dari itu? Sama-sama kita tunggu....

Sejarah telah berulang... ambil kesempatan ini sebelum terlambat...

Harga silver dalam tempoh setahun

Harga silver hari ini... garis hijau menunjukkan trend harga sekarang... ianya diupdate setiap saat dari

Berminat untuk menyimpan silver bar? Stok sentiasa tersedia : 250g, 500g dan 1kg

Hubungi saya untuk mencapai impian anda > sms/call 012-5353121 (Pn. Dilla)

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